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Ethandun Metal Gifts

Metalwork inspired by the Anglo Saxon period made by self-taught Blacksmith Peter Hailstone at Station Yard, Edington - less than half a mile away from the battle site where Alfred's army defeated Guthrum's men at the Battle of Ethandun in 878 AD.

The pieces which are largely bare steel with just a little decoration are both attractive and practical for the home, combining old and modern techniques to produce designs evocative of the Anglo Saxon era. Each item, or set, features a replica Alfred penny to celebrate the significance of his achievement here in Ethandun.

The Poker and Stand

The Wood-fire Poker is made of square section mild steel bar featuring a decorative twist midway along its shank, a very popular decorative device at this time. An offset spur is riveted on near the point of the poker to assist in the manipulation of wood in the fire.

On top of the poker shaft sitting in steel wire binding is the handle which is pear shaped and fits well in the hand, a fact not lost on the designers of the Alfred Jewel. Set inside the handle is a disc painted Blue and Gold with a replica Alfred penny set on the Blue side.

The Poker Stand is a tripod design, a formation well used to provide stability for all things which stood on the uneven floors of the time. On top of the legs sits a spiral in round bar with a central hole for the poker point to sit in. Riveted to the rear leg is the tall support for the poker handle which terminates in a pair of horns for holding the poker upright.

Below the horns are two basic line symbols, one Runic, representing the sun, the other a Christian standing cross. This is to represent the two belief systems that existed side by side for many years in Europe, that which we would call Paganism today and Christianity, the driving influence behind much of the changes introduced by Alfred.

The steel of both the poker and stand has been finished with a Beeswax polish to protect it from surface rust.

Poker - £36.
Poker Stand - £33.
Poker and Stand - £66.

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