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Ethandun Metal Gifts

Metalwork inspired by the Anglo Saxon period made by self-taught Blacksmith Peter Hailstone at Station Yard, Edington - less than half a mile away from the battle site where Alfred's army defeated Guthrum's men at the Battle of Ethandun in 878 AD.

The pieces which are largely bare steel with just a little decoration are both attractive and practical for the home, combining old and modern techniques to produce designs evocative of the Anglo Saxon era. Each item, or set, features a replica Alfred penny to celebrate the significance of his achievement here in Ethandun.

Double Coat Hook

For the family with lots of coats, the Double Coat Hook is the ideal thing for your hallway.

Single Coat Hook

Both decorative and practical, the SIngle Coat Hook will look great in your hallway.

Poker and Stand

With its elegant style and utility the Poker and Stand will look great in your hearth.

Candle Holder

Harking back to days past, this unique Candle Holder will look great on your wall or table.

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